The Belly App is a new app for iOs, Android, Nook and Kindle that includes forty videos to teach the basics of a beautiful, ancient art form. Learn fast movements including travelling steps, shimmies and finger cymbal patterns, and slow movements including graceful arms, slow steps, and body undulations.

Improve your core fitness while learning this beautiful art form. Drag and drop clips into your personal film strip to create combos to practice in the privacy of your own home, using music included in the app or your own playlist.

I unleashed my inner goddess with the Belly App! It feels great.  – Tricia, Baltimore

Visit our private YouTube channel for helpful tips and sample combos. Can’t find a teacher in your area or don’t have time for lessons? The Belly App will help you unleash your inner God or Goddess! Coming soon on iOs, Android, Nook and Kindle.


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